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Local Vegan Cafe


〒170-0005 東京都豊島区南大塚2丁目34−4

定休日: 日、月

A vegan Cafe and Bar in the Otsuka area of Tokyo. The vegan lunches are popular for the volume and taste!
Sells coffee beans in bulk, organic vegetables from partner farms, and second hand items. There is also a library created by the local community for the local community (books contributed by the residents). Is a hub for encouraging local community, as well as solutions that you can easily do as a community to be friendlier for the environment.

Opening hours:
Sun, Mon: closed
Tue-Sat: 7:30–21:00

2 Chome-34-4 Minamiotsuka, Toshima City, Tokyo 170-0005

Sun, Mon: closed
Tue-Sat: 7:30–21:00

Sustainability criteria サステイナビリティカテゴリー>Organic オーガニック|Sustainability criteria サステイナビリティカテゴリー>Plant-based プラントベース|Shop type ショップタイプ>Restaurant & Cafe レストラン|Shop type ショップタイプ>Take-out テークアウト テークアウト|Sustainability criteria サステイナビリティカテゴリー>Zero Waste ゼロウェイスト



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Sun, Mon: closed Tue-Sat: 7:30–21:00