Pyram Organics & Plants

Organic bulk foods and plants shop based in Niseko, Hokkaido

可能な限りプラスチックの使用もしていません。しかし、日本全国に商品を郵送する場合は安全に商品をお届けすることを優先しています。緩衝材が必要な場合は、リサイクル紙でできた、燃えるゴミとしてゴミに出せる「Wonder Eco」を使用しています。ダンボールもリサイクル素材です。はちみつや醤油などの液体はガラス製のビンかボトルに入れてお送りしてます。

We are based in Niseko, Hokkaido and supplying organic foods in bulk. At our store, you can buy as little or as much as you need with your own container (or compostable paper bags from us). Our selection includes various organic foods/products such as nuts, dry fruits, flours, oils, soy sauce, honey, agave syrup, all kinds of & herbs, fresh nut butters, even washing detergents, and many more. We also care about food miles, so many Hokkaido local organic foods are available too.
We are passionate about the environment. As we sell bulk food and goods, please be aware that most of our items are not conventionally packaged even for online orders.
Products for delivery are packed in biodegradable and compostable unbleached paper bags made from sustainably sourced materials and sealed only with a compostable paper tape and a quality display label.
Wherever possible, we try to minimize waste and the use of plastic. However, when sending items across Japan, it is also important that your goods arrive safely. When necessary we use a recycled paperboard cushion called ‘Wonder Eco’ which is made from biodegradable and compostable material that can be thrown as “Moeru Gomi = combustible waste”. Products are then packed into cardboard boxes made from recycled materials. The tape we use on the outside of our boxes is biodegradable. We send our honey, sauces, cooking liquids and oils in glass jars/bottles.
Please check out our online store for more details. And one day, we hope to see you at our store in Hokkaido!

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