Magokoro 麻心餐厅

Organic restaurant


Organic restaurant. They also offer take-out. Daily lunches always have a vegan option. There is also bulk miso on sale which you can buy with your own container.

248-0016 神奈川県鎌倉市長谷2丁目8−11

2 reviews

  1. Healthy and delicious food with an ocean view

    This restaurant was recommended by my friend and I also fell in love with the place. We enjoyed a delicious meal with an ocean view! The organic hemp coffee was also a nice discovery.

    The staff were kind and recommended us to have a look at the Amanawa Shinmei Shrine, few minutes away from the restaurant. It was a beautiful and quiet shrine where cherry blossom trees were already blooming!

    1. Thanks a lot for sharing your recommendation and a nice spot to visit in the area!

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