With our team of sustainability experts, we are offering different offers for corporates in order to support you on your transition journey as a company.

If you want to know more, get in touch with us: helene@ekolokal.co

Eco Workshops

Everyone is talking about SDGs but it can sometimes be confusing to understand what it actually means and how to relate to it.

With our inspiring eco workshops, we will share with your teams useful information and practical tips on various topics of daily life!

Teams will leave our workshops feeling motivated and inspired.

They can then take this knowledge back to initiate changes in their daily life and also be more confident they can be change-makers in your organisation in that space.

The workshops can be held in English, Japanese or French.

What to expect during a workshop?

Our workshops last around 1h30 and can be done fully online.

we usually also invite a Japan-based expert as a guest. This allows your teams to feel even more closely connected to the topic. After each workshop, your team members will leave with a challenge to help them start taking action in their daily life.

Each workshop covers a specific theme from the following. You can choose the ones which will resonate more with your teams.

– Plastic pollution
– Sustainable diet
– Local and organic lifestyle
– Fashion environmental impact
– Digital pollution
– Clean beauty and personal care
– Zero waste and toxin-free home
– Sustainable travel and leisure

We can also leverage our expertise and experience to co-create specific workshops to tackle reducing your carbon footprint.

IPCC / Climate Fresk Workshops

The latest version of the IPCC report was published in August 2021.

It can be challenging to digest and understand the social and economical implications from just reading this report. While more companies are committing to tackle the climate change issue, there is a need to have more clarity on what is going on.

The goal of the Climate Fresk© is to give people the key to understanding more about the reality of climate change. For example, what is the connection between a warmer planet and increased storms and how could climate change impact our economic life.

This then empowers your teams to have a different outlook on the business strategy, identify new opportunities and make the right decisions.

What is the Climate Fresk© and what to expect?

The Climate Fresk© workshop lasts 3h and can be done fully online.

It is a collaborative game that consists of a moderator and a group of 4 to 7 people working together to find climate change-related causes and consequences.

There are 3 parts to the workshop:
– Collaborative game
– Debriefing
– Brainstorming on how to mitigate this looking at your company activities and carbon footprint.

It is particularly recommended for decision-makers as well as teams focusing on sustainability / SDG strategy.

But it can also be deployed more broadly depending on the needs.

The workshop can be held in English or French and soon in Japanese too.