Originally from Okinawa, Keisuke now lives in Tokyo where he has been networking and posting about how to make a sustainable lifestyle trendy and fun while getting his hands dirty with some urban farming. He feels there is no reason a sustainable lifestyle should be boring, and is passionate about raising awareness about how to enjoy it! He’s also about to launch his own zero waste goods online shop! 

おしゃれで楽しいサスティナブルな暮らしを発信しているサスティナブル男子ことArakaki Keisukeさん。沖縄出身、現在は東京の都内で農業を営みながらSNSでサステイナブルな生活に関する情報や投稿を発信しています。せっかく日々の暮らしを持続可能なものへと変えて行くのであれば、よりおしゃれで、楽しいものに変えていきたいと考え、ご自身の暮らしと向き合っているそうです。

Mona is the founder of No Plastic Japan, an awareness-raising project that hopes to change the outlook on disposables in Japan. As the initial action item, the project sells reusable stainless steel straws, which is now oftentimes coined as people’s “my straws” in Japan. She works as a freelance sustainability consultant for other initiatives such as the zero waste shop “nue by Totoya” and NPO 530week, and is a radio show host Monday to Thursday. 

「使い捨て」を考え直すプロジェクト『のーぷら No Plastic Japan』の代表。きっかけのアイテムとして再利用可能なステンレス製のストローを普及し、#マイストロー のムーブメントを加速している。フリーランスのコンサルタントとしては、無理なく日常に取り入れられるサステナブルな活動やそれに繋がる行動を提案している。関わっているプロジェクトは他にゼロウェイストショップnue by Totoyaおよび一般社団法人530(ゴミゼロ)などがある。月曜日から木曜日はJ-Waveナビゲーターとして稼働中。

After meeting in New Zealand, Chisato and her French husband Arnaud started their journey to a sustainable and slow lifestyle in Melbourne, Australia. Chii noticed the big gap between the Australian and Japanese culture, in particular regarding ecology and plastic issues. That is when she decided to share on a blog all the tips and tricks Australians and people around the world in general are using to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Now that they are back in Japan, they try to find the best ways to keep a sustainable and minimalist lifestyle or as they like to call it a slow lifestyle.

Originally from Sapporo in Hokkaido, Akari now lives and works in Tokyo. She sees herself as a sustainable life teller and shares on her SNS, information that can be incorporated into everyone’s daily life. Through her photos and posts related to different sustainability topics such as plant-based meals and bulk shopping, she is hoping to inspire people and show them how fun this lifestyle can be! 


Brigitte is a mindfulness coach from Canada who has been living in Japan for many years. On her social media and other platforms, she shares her experience with mindfulness, self growth, minimalism, vegan life and sustainability. She’s also an enthusiastic animal rights activist!


Katie from @eco.de.iko is Australian and has been living in Japan for over 5 years. After an impactful ocean swim among plastic waste at the popular beach of Kamakura in 2018, she started her plastic free journey in Japan and since then, she has been connecting with fellow eco-geeks, sharing her eco tips and documenting how much plastic waste was produced in her household on a monthly basis. In 2020, she has also started her plant-based journey!

Joy Jarman-Walsh (jjwalsh) is an American who grew up in Hawaii, and got her BA in Psychology in California. She came to Oita city (Kyushu) Japan in 1991 on the JET program, exploring most of Japan on weekends and holidays for triathlons, hiking, camping and sightseeing. Then 18 mos backpacking in Asia, and Europe. Returned to Japan in ’96, this time to Hiroshima. Co-founded GetHiroshima in ’99, got an MA in Sustainable Tourism from Arizona State University, and worked at a University for 21 years. She launched her own sustainable travel & business consulting company @inboundambassador in 2019. Since 2020, she has been hosting the Seeking-Sustainability-Live talkshow live streamed on 4 social media channels daily to introduce “good people doing great things” from across Japan in terms of improving the balance between people-planet-profits.

Emma is an American and has been living in Japan for three years. On her multiple platforms, she shares a lot of easy tips for reducing waste in Japan and the rest of the world. Her mission is to make zero waste living free, easy, and fun for everyone!

Farid is a French who was initially living in Tokyo and who grabbed the opportunity to try a different lifestyle, more aligned with his values, while being on parental leave. Father of three children, his goal is to drastically reduce his consumption of manufactured products and family travels. Now living in a former abandoned house in the Tottori prefecture, his family has started a permaculture garden from scratch and is planning next to plant trees to make a little forest garden. 

Ria and her husband, Robert started a tiny community called Kansha Farm where they grow their own organic food by utilizing “wasted materials” and share the experience along the way with others. They love hosting guests, community gatherings and workshops to spread the intention to live more sustainably.