Eco-friendly shopping in Kagurazaka | Ekolokal Shop-Along Series

Living sustainably in Tokyo can be hard if you don’t know where to go. But here at Ekolokal, we’re trying to change that. Earlier this year, we checked out eco-friendly shops in Kagurazaka and invited you to join us. We were so happy to meet all of you who could come, and we loved bringing you to some of the area’s sustainable shops! But what if you couldn’t make it? Don’t worry, because today we’re sharing exactly where we went. So, if you want to find out more about eco-friendly shopping in Kagurazaka, keep reading and watch our Youtube video!

Where French influence meets Japanese traditional

Kagurazaka is located on a hill along the edge of Shinjuku ward in central Tokyo. Once a popular geisha district, today this trendy neighborhood blends traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern French flair. 

You can access Kagurazaka from Kagurazaka Station, Ushigome-Kagurazaka Station, or Iidabashi Station.

Come to Kagurazaka and explore its quaint backstreets buzzing with life and full of ambience. While you’re here, don’t forget to bring your eco-bags and enjoy some sustainable shopping!

Where to head for eco-friendly shopping in Kagurazaka

Our shop-along in Kagurazaka started at Kagurazaka Katsuno Tofu (神楽坂かつのとうふ). What we love about this mom-and-pop-run tofu shop is that you can bring your own containers to get 100 percent plastic-free tofu! In addition, they also sell plant-based (specifically soy and okara) snacks that can also be purchased package-free.

The next eco-friendly shop we visited in Kagurazaka is greengrocer Kagurazaka Yasai Keikaku (神楽坂野菜計画). This place sells Japan-sourced organic fresh fruit and veg! Not everything is organic, so make sure to check with staff if that’s important to you. While most products were wrapped in plastic during our visit (as part of their coronavirus preventative measures), we hope we’ll see less as the situation improves.

Moving on, we hit up Pain de Philosophes (パン デ フィロゾフ) for freshly baked goods. Don’t be surprised if you have to wait in line to get in—this place is a fav among locals. Here, you can authentic French-style bread and pastries without any packaging. Just ask the staff to put your selections directly into your eco-bag when ordering.

We finished our eco-friendly shop-along at Akha Ama Coffee Roasters Tokyo (アカアマコーヒー 神楽坂アカアマコーヒー 神楽坂). This cafe works directly with small Thailand-based farmers to produce fair-trade coffee. Bring your own cup for a zero-waste coffee experience! We recommend that you stop by here for a coffee break on the weekend or after a day of eco-friendly shopping in Kagurazaka.

Come sustainable shopping in Kagurazaka with us

From package-free tofu to fairtrade coffee, the shops in Kagurazaka offer plenty of ways to live more sustainably here in central Tokyo. Hopefully we introduced some new eco-friendly places you can try next time you’re in Kagurazaka. And if you couldn’t make it to this event, make sure to shop along with us next time!

Looking for more eco-friendly shopping in Kagurazaka? Here at Ekolokal, we’re making it easy for you to find places that share your values for living more sustainably. Check out our map for more eco shops and restaurants!