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A few months ago, during the COVID-19 crisis, Hélène and Nori met each other when Nori was a guest on Hélène's podcast about green changemakers in Japan.
They got on well and thought about doing a project together in the future.
The right opportunity came along when they heard about ImpacTech Japan social accelerator and decided to pitch Ekolokal to them.
The project was selected and it all started from there!

Core Team

helene queguiner

Hélène Quéguiner


noriko shindo

Noriko Shindo


karina kimoto

Karina Kimoto

Ambassadors coordinator

Julien Ergan

Julien Ergan

Software Developer


Binh Pham

Software Developer

shota dan

Shota Dan



Bianca yamaguchi

Bianca Yamaguchi

Kobe Ambassador

katie O'brien

Katie O'Brien

Tokyo Ambassador

Cecilia Grandi-Nagashiro

Cecilia Grandi-Nagashiro

Tokyo Ambassador

Rasheeq Islam

Rasheeq Islam

Beppu Ambassador

Joy Jarman-Walsh

Joy Jarman-Walsh

Hiroshima Ambassador

mona neuhauss

Mona Neuhauss

Tokyo Ambassador


yan fan

Yan Fan

Code Chrysalis co-founder and CTO


Angela Ortiz

CEO & Founder Place To Grow and CSR Senior Manager Adidas Japan

robin lewis

Robin Lewis

Co-founder of mymizu and Social Innovation Japan

karl burrow

Karl Burrow

President and CEO of Karllestone Capital

impactech logo


Social Accelerator

Silk tofu cheese
olive oil

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